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Email hosting is not readily familiar to business owners since the availability of free email services, such as Yahoo! or Gmail, seem sufficient for their emailing needs. They may have failed to consider, however, the consequences of exposing their business communications through unsecured channels. When these businesses consider the following factors, they will definitely find hosting their email externally can be advantageous.

Implements A Higher Security Level For Corporate Emails

The beauty of email hosting lies in the level of security provided by a trained staff of professional server administrators and network communication experts. The multi-layer email security prevents spam, phishing scams, and hackers from compromising the company’s emails. Your business is secure and your employees receive assurance that even their personal information is safe.

Providers of email hosting services usually secure their servers with a 128-bit encryption that remains in effect and stable while users access their emails. This means emails sent to and from your account are safe from intercepts and hacks. This also means tighter spam filters for you and your employees.

Inexpensive Email Storage And Maintenance Costs

Aside from extensive email security, email hosting takes away the problem of purchasing additional email servers and employing in-house professionals to maintain an internal network for the company. Providers of these services own and maintain the email servers your company uses. You only pay for the storage and technical support provided by the hosting company.

Provides Mobile Access To Emails And Other Corporate Data

The diversity of devices used by people today brought about the necessity of cloud computing. Info email adres aanmaken Through the cloud, information can be stored and managed in one location, but accessed from various places using different devices. This convenience is also available with email hosting, which provides a virtual cloud for email storage and other services.

You and your employees can use smart phones, PDAs, laptops, notebooks, e-Pads and other types of mobile devices to access email any time anywhere. The high level of security also ensures that any information between devices is safe from intrusions. In addition, the flexibility of cloud computing also facilitates sharing of files between devices and in multiple formats.

Eliminates Email Privacy Concerns

In another perspective, human beings tend to bring suspicious activities to light whenever there is monopoly of control over the process of exchanging electronic information. Sometimes, the question of employee privacy or corporate espionage pops up because the company has full dominion over the email servers.

In the case of email hosting, professionals not connected to the company appear more reliable and trustworthy because they are bound by contract and by law to protect their client’s information. Once they violate the terms, the contract is rescinded and they lose a valuable client. They also have to deal with negative customer feedback, which could hurt their reputation.

In effect, choosing to host the company’s email externally provides a turnkey solution to most small to medium enterprises. Expanding businesses that grew from small companies benefit from email hosting rather than setting up their own network, which not only costs money and time, but also brings in privacy concerns among employees.

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